Hezbollah moving rockets near Israeli border

This article from WorldNetDaily really holds no surprises for anyone who has half a clue about how the Muslim terrorists operate. Lies and deceit are their stock-in-trade, and they never had any intention of honouring the ceasefire. Indeed, it was always to their advantage to help to bring one about so that they might re-arm.

When the hell are our ‘leaders’ going to realise that this religion wants nothing less than world domination, and appeasing acomplishes nothing. Even if the ‘peaceful’ Muslims do just want a quiet life, they are still implicated by the violent tenets of the Koran, and they know it.

I dearly wish the Israelis had finished the job properly while in Lebanon, but they made the mistake of listening to world opinion (which is worthless) and backing off.
We cannot afford to be weak and appeasing where Islam is concerned, because it is a culture that respects only strength and superior force.


A senior Lebanese official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told WND Hezbollah started building a new set of bunker systems, this time in Palestinian refugee camps.

“The Lebanese Army doesn’t have the authority to patrol inside the camps,” said the official. “Hezbollah knows it is safe there to rebuild their war bunkers, and they began doing so with Iranian help.”


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