Covering the Conflict in the North of Israel.

A review by of some of the worst examples of media bias from the recent conflict.

This is a good roundup of the sheer bias and lazy reporting of the MSM in the conflict. It includes a blatantly stage-managed video report by CNN.

Items in italics are excerpts.

“The media’s coverage of Israel’s conflict with the Iranian-backed Hezbollah terrorist group was filled with examples of bias, inaccuracy, and manipulation. While firing thousands of rockets into Israeli cities, Hezbollah was able to frequently manipulate the media into portraying the conflict as a “disproportionate” Israeli attack against Lebanese civilians. In news stories, photographs, and political cartoons, we have seen some of the worst reporting in years. While the cease-fire is very tenuous right now, we thought it would be useful to review some of the worst cases of media bias so that readers will know what to look for should the fighting resume.”

Disproportionate Reporting:

“Throughout the conflict, there were numerous reports of the damage in Lebanon. While it is true that the conflict extracted a great toll on Lebanese infrastructure, there was also considerable damage to Northern Israel. Consider these rarely reported statistics (from the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs):

* 43 Israeli civilians were killed by Hezbollah rocket fire

* 116 Israeli soldiers and officers were killed

* 3,970 rockets were fired at Israel, 901 of them hit urban areas

* 4,262 civilians were treated in hospitals for injuries

* 6,000 Israeli private homes were damaged

* 300,000 Israelis were forced to flee

* Over 1,000,000 Israelis were forced to spend a month in bomb shelters

* One third of the population of Israel was directly exposed to the missile threat

* Over $1,400,000,000 is estimated to be the direct economic loss to the Israeli economy.”

Photo manipulation.

“When the blog Little Green Footballs first reported that a Reuters photograph had clear signs of manipulation (see the duplication of smoke patters and cloning of destroyed buildings), it was a call to the media to take a closer look at all photographs coming out of Lebanon. Since then, numerous photographs have been discovered to have been purposely manipulated or deliberately staged.”

The article also points out other matters of interest.

If we can only get people to get a clue about this, that we are in a war already – if our western countries do not put us all on a war footing and stop being politically correct concerning Islam, we WILL lose. PC has turned out to be a very useful tool in the hands of our enemies – it makes controlling the ‘useful idiots’ sooo easy.

Thank God that in the end, He is the one in control, and that all that will happen will only happen as He allows.


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