Cold, calculated barbarism for the sake of propaganda

From the Omega Letter, by Jack Kinsella – “Special Report: The Qana Incident”.


Americans awoke Sunday to images of angry Muslims storming the United Nations compound in Beirut in response to a devastating Israeli attack against the Lebanese village of Qana.
The carnage was horrible; at least sixty people died in the attack, forty of them children.

But on further examination, the carnage reveals a cold, calculating and ruthless strategy on behalf of Hezbollah. There was not a single male of fighting age among the victims. Where were all the males?
And, suppose that Israel had not dropped warning leaflets all over Qana. Let’s just suppose that nobody evacuated the city.
What are the odds in such a situation that EIGHTY PERCENT of the casualties would be children? Or that the remaining twenty percent would be exclusively women and old men?

What seems likely is that the women and children were herded into those shelters in an effort to sway public opinion over to their side.
In other words, they were deliberately put into harm’s way. The horrifying casualties were part of a deliberate Hezbollah plan.

Hezbollah knew that launching those rockets from Qana would result in Israeli destruction of the buildings from which they were launched.

But instead, the Qana casualties were all in the basement of the very building Hezbollah used as a launch point.
It is the only explanation that makes any logical sense. They put their own children there in the express hope that Israel would then kill them. In Allah’s name.

This is the kind of ghastly barbarity we’re up against – the barbarity that comes literally from the very pit of hell.


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