"Congratulations, Brave Muslim Warriors"

An excellent post from Hog On Ice.


“The left excoriates Israel constantly for its “brutality,” complaining that Israel kills civilians. Yes, Israel kills civilians. So does every country that engages in military action. Like all civilized (i.e. “non-Muslim”) nations, and to a greater degree than most, Israel strives to avoid civilian casualties, but they still happen. As a result of Muslim provocation, of course. No one bothers to point that out.”

“How can Muslims call themselves men when they support cowardly attacks on women and babies? How can they look Americans and Israelis in the eye, when we take such great pains to spare their non-combatants? What a bunch of pansies. No wonder they go through life screeching about how emasculated they feel. They are emasculated. They emasculate themselves every day by indulging their cowardice. We aren’t dealing with men. We’re dealing with a culture of little boys in men’s bodies. And when I say that, I realize I’m being unfair to little boys.”


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