Autum & Her Discontent

by Gabriel Garnica

“Autum Ashante was invited to perform at the public middle and high schools in Peekskill, New York, for Black History Month and perform she did. Spewing lines laced with black separatist rhetoric from a poem entitled White Nationalism Put U in Bondage and a Black Panther offering entitled a Black Child’s Pledge, Autum gave the phrase “darndest things” a whole new meaning. Ashante softened up the audience with the Bondage piece and finished the one-two rant with the Pledge. These two pieces scribble a tale so distant from constructive truth that one has to wonder if anyone speaking their message or applauding their themes has any grasp of reality.

Lines in Bondage speak of the “mis-education of she and Hegro” and related lines in the Pledge call on black children to “develop my mind ”, “learn all that I can” and “discipline myself to direct my energies thoughtfully and constructively rather than wasting them on idle hatred.” As someone who has taught inner-city black children I can assure you that for every hard-working African-American child supported by devoted parents there are many more black children so steeped in the venom of victimization and the epidemic of entitlement that they have surrendered all responsibility for themselves and their future.”

This is an excellent article on how the leftists will happily use the victim culture for their own purposes. This is bad enough, but what brought tears to my eyes was the thought of a little girl being brought up to hate those that are in essence her neighbours. It’s something one would expect in a Palestinian school preaching and teaching hate against the Jews. That children are being taught to hate so early is an evil beyond measure to me. To me, it is just a different form of child abuse.
To see that someone is tearing away a child’s innocence for the sake of their own hateful agenda makes me furious!


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