Islam and moral equivalence

This is an excellent article by Greg Swann. Those who use moral equivalence are those who want to see all other systems of thought as being sheep, like themselves. They seem to be quite unable or unwilling to see that there are absolutes of good and evil in thought throughout our world, and that there are genuinely evil systems and people who are wolves – willing and able to rend the sheep. Refusing to see the wolf as anything else other than a sheep will change nothing when the wolf’s fangs are at your throat. I find with people that they find the Islamic ways of thinking so alien they just tend to bury their heads in the sand over it. Wake up, people – either Islam conquers the West, or we will have to conquer them, absolutely. There is no middle ground way of dealing with them. For our part as Christians we need to continue to pray that the Lord will change hearts and draw Muslims out of their cult.

As for Mr Swann’s article, here are some excerpts:

“But still third, President Bush is obviously wrong in saying “Islam is a religion of peace” and “Islam means peace”. Not because the Koran is violent, and not because the Muslims of antiquity were violent. He is wrong because Islam is a creed of systemic violence right here and right now.”

“The problem is that Muslims cannot let us worship as we might want to–or not at all, if we choose. To be a Muslim is to submit to the will of Allah, and the will of Allah is that everyone must submit to the will of Allah.”

“The derision by the politically correct of Robertson and Falwell notwithstanding, it is nevertheless true that Islam is a warrior culture. It was born in war, and it remains committed to holy war down to the present day. Unreconstructed, unreformed, unrepentant. Individual Muslims may seek to live and worship in peace. But their creed–and the theocratic states seeking to advance that creed–does, must and will pursue universal submission to the will of Allah. By persuasion if possible. By coercion if not. And by murder if all else fails.
Islam is a religion of war.

To equate it in any way with the West is not just an error but an abomination.”


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