Islam Beheaded: The Information Superhighway & the Death of Mohammedanism

[From the site: Answering Infidels]

This is quite a good article on Muhammad – what he was really like, historically and objectively.

The end paragraph makes the point (and a very good one) best:

The truth about Muhammad has been one of the world’s best-kept secrets. For centuries, it has been virtually impossible to raise objections about the character of Muhammad in Muslim countries, for anyone who raised such objections would (following the example set by Muhammad himself) immediately be killed. Outside the Muslim world, there has been little interest in Islam, and those who have been interested have typically relied on modern Muslim reports about Muhammad, such as the above passage from Mawdudi. But things have changed. Now the entire world is interested in Islam, and Muslims aren’t able to silence everyone. Moreover, with the advent of the Internet, it is now impossible to keep Muhammad’s life a secret. The facts about the founder of Islam are spreading very rapidly, and Muslims are frantically scurrying to defend their faith. But the information superhighway is paving over the ignorance that has for centuries been the stronghold of Islamic dogma. In the end, Islam will fall, for the entire structure is built upon the belief that Muhammad was the greatest moral example in history, and this belief is demonstrably false.

Islam may well be destroyed to a certain degree in the eyes of us infidels in the West, but the thing is that in their own countries their belief is very strong and will remain so, information in many of them NOT being freely available. These countries such as Iran will become more dangerous, not less, being ruled by religious fanatics as they are. These kind will be quite willing to risk a retaliation from Israel and/or the USA by striking at Israel (or elsewhere in the West perhaps, but more likely Israel) with nuclear weapons, seeing as they consider it quite acceptable to lose a great deal of their population in the cause of Islam and the establishment of a worldwide caliphate.
I do hope these weapons can be kept out of their hands.

I don’t know how all this will pan out apart from the general sense we gain from Biblical prophecy, but I DO know our Father, the Lord God of Israel is in control, there fore there is no reason for fear.


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