Boffins crack beer goggles

Err, yeah, right. And we needed boffins to tell us what common sense already knows?? That too much drink affects our good judgment? Sheesh, these guys surely have something better to do.

“The beer goggles effect isn’t solely dependent on how much alcohol a person consumes, there are other influencing factors at play too,” said Professor Nathan Efron, Professor of Clinical Optometry at the University of Manchester. Amazingly, scientists now believe you don’t even need to have had an alcoholic drink to suffer from the beer goggles effect.

I beg to differ. My guess would be 99% booze, and 1% anything else…

[A quick edit. I was spell-checking this and the checker offered to replace ‘boffins’ with ‘buffoons’. LMAO! I think this program might be be more intelligent than the boffins, anyway..]


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