Skype & Trillian if you want to talk or IM.

It has been suggested a couple of times by a few of my readers that it might be a good idea to set up a way to chat from time to time, either by Instant Messaging or VoIP (Voice over the net). The one I use mainly at the moment is Skype , but if you use MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, ICQ, or AIM (AOL) then you could still contact me using any of those. I run Trillian, which has the ability to connect to any of those programs.

You can search for me on the following usernames in each –

Skype: morrisao
ICQ uid: 56514590
Yahoo!: otemor
AIM: MorrisAO7

The ball’s in your court now, my friends. Only problem I can see is the time difference between countries.

One other thing – the setup in each is that a new contact needs to ask to be added, so you might need to add something that lets me know who you are if you use an unfamiliar user name.


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