Jihad in Small Town America: a Series

by Laura Mansfield.

Or it could be re-titled “Jihad in Small Town Anywhere” (including Australia, Britain, etc).

I actually ran across Laura’s article part 1 many months ago, and have tried to find it since. Today I ran across it again as a link from elsewhere and realised it was the one I’d been looking for. The reason I’d wanted to find it again was because her experience in the mosque perfectly illustrated how deceptive and untrustworthy their practises are when presenting their religion to the public and how differently it can be practised in the privacy of their own congregations. What Laura managed to do in the mosque was a perfect little mini-sting.

I’ve said it before: How can we trust a belief system which actually touts deception as being a good thing if it gets their system what it wants. Of course we know that this is practised in normal worldly life as a matter of course and is considered quite normal and even healthy practice, by some in the business world for instance. But in Islam it is encoded into their scriptures and hadiths.

For instance:
Bukhari:V7B67N427 “The Prophet said, ‘If I take an oath and later find something else better than that, then I do what is better and expiate my oath.’”
Bukhari:V5B59N369 “Allah’s Apostle said, ‘Who is willing to kill Ka’b bin Ashraf who has hurt Allah and His Apostle?’ Thereupon Muhammad bin Maslamah got up saying, ‘O Allah’s Apostle! Would you like me to kill him?’ The Prophet said, ‘Yes,’ Maslamah said, ‘Then allow me to say false things in order to deceive him.’ The Prophet said, ‘You may say such things.’”

That’s a small sample. God is Truth and NEVER changes. His promises are eternal.

Laura’s examples are a sample of what is happening not only in small town USA, but here in Australia and elsewhere in all western civilisations.

This the truth of what’s happening with the Muslim invasion by stealth into our countries. Being politically correct about it won’t change the truth of the matter.
I’ve no doubt many genuinely peace loving Muslims do come to our countries migrating legally, and all they want to do is live a peaceful life and be left alone to live it. Unfortunately they are also the sheep among which which the fundamentalist wolves in sheep’s clothing hide.


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