Clerics still preaching hatred of West

I am getting thoroughly tired of hearing from Muslims how theirs is a peaceful religion. The only way I can agree with that is if they change the spelling of the word ‘peaceful’ to ‘pieceful’, as in blowing people into pieces. I am also tired of their deceitfulness, as this article shows. The duplicity and hypocrisy is astounding. How can we trust anything said by a Muslim if their Koran says it is OK to lie if it benefits Islam, for crying out loud?? These people happily state that they’re against terrorism when they’re inf front of the cameras, but then they go back to their ‘holy’ places and in Arabic rage and preach hatred against the Western countries. Having vented my spleen, I will say I do not hate the people, who are so deceived, but I DO hate their religion. May the Lord have mercy on whom He will, and may those that will hear His voice come to know the love of the Lord Jesus in their lives. There are those who have come out of this pit-inspired belief and are now a powerful witness for the Lord, and at great risk to themselves, the penalty for an apostate Muslim being death.


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