White House denies ‘God told me’ claims

Anything reported by the BBC or the Palestinians about Israel or the Middle East I would take with a large block of salt, anyway, but this report had me shaking my head. Supposedly, among other things, they claim that Bush told them that God told him to give the Palestinians their own state. Now even if that’s true you would have to ask ‘which god?’ I can categorically state the the one True God would not give such instructions. It’s His land, and He has already stated to whom he given it to. End of story.


6 thoughts on “White House denies ‘God told me’ claims

  1. It’s been a while since I thought G. W. Bush might worship the same G-d that I do. He’s worshipping something, but it isn’t the G-d of Israel.

  2. I agree that the BBC is not the most trustworthy outfit on the planet…then again, neither is King George. To me, this *does* sound like something he would say, especially in private to Arab leaders. But even if he didn’t say it, it pales in comparison to what he’s already *done* to Israel.

  3. As somebody else pointed out, he has said similar things, like he felt God wanted him to be president for this place in time (or something similar). And obviously if God is telling him NOT to go for a Palistinian state than he’s not listening, so either way he’s a screw up.

  4. yeah oh Georgie is out there as he attempts to convince others that he hears from G-d. I do not deny that he is hearing something kinda like a schizophrenic who hears voices. G-d speaks today but it is confirmed in the written word as well as the body proper who together confirm His voice. But this single connection reminds me of are ole pentecostal day when you would be in a service and one “spoke” a word and then another would seem to contradict it. So I guess their g’d was a mulitiple personality,LOL. Anyway the point is we are members in particular of His body so each functions to express life in the whole not in difference to the rest or that would be disease.

  5. Haha. Well, I don’t think he meant it framed exactly the way it came out, if he indeed said those things. He’s a little nutty, and rather dim, but not totally insane an delusional. (I hope)
    To a certain extent though, I guess, if God is driving this bus, and we’re all just riding on it, then it was His plan, at least to a certain extent.

  6. I gotta agree with you there, Billy. This is the time and things are coming down as they have been prophesied. We can’t stop His hand. It is sad that Bush is deceived and that there are so many buying into deception because of him, though. I’m just glad that we know the END of the story!
    Love and shalom,

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