Australians killed in Bali blasts

More cowardly attacks in Bali. One always hopes that these attacks won’t happen, but also knowing it’s only a matter of time. Once again Australians have been among the murdered and injured. I guess I, along with a lot of other people, feel it more when it’s close to home. Not that I don’t feel for Americans when it happens to them. I can’t not feel for them – I’ve always felt a kinship with America.

I know ranting about the sheer cowardice, brutality, mercilessness, and all things evil about these less than human bastards won’t stop them. I’m just venting, my friends. I must also pray now, as that will be more efective than anything else.

Come soon, Lord Jesus!


11 thoughts on “Australians killed in Bali blasts

  1. Amen to that last line!

    It’s so hard to watch everything bad going on in the world and know that we have no power to stop it. Thank goodness we can turn to the One with all the power!

  2. Rant away, Morris. That’s why most of us blog – to have a place to vent our feelings and to be among friends as we do so.

    I think prayer is definitely the best response you can give to bad news. The prayers of the righteous availeth much.

  3. I’m actually very surprised this hasn’t happened as yet in the US. We had the one Saturday, by a white kid, but so far there’s no indication as to what the point of it was. He only blew himself up.
    Jesus cannot come soon enough.

  4. The sad thing is they think their doing the right thing. My atheistic psychology class would say that maybe some of these bombers had anti-social disorder which means they have no conscience, but in fact us Christians know God gave us a conscience so we know right from wrong.

  5. What bothers me more than the suicide bombers (who are bad enough) are the sick Islamic leaders that encourage, aid, abet, etc. these men to kill non-Muslims and themselves. This leadership lives above the destruction and suffering they cause and do not seem to pay for their crimes.

    Except in Israel, where at least some attempt is made to kill off rabid Islamic leaders. Perhaps this is what the West should do, start monitoring the Mullahs, etc. and kill them off.

  6. BTW Morris, if you ever do come and visit the US and you happen to be in Southern California, I’ll be more than happy to take you out to lunch. I’m sure you just don’t get good Mexican food down there.

  7. Dif, thanks for the kind offer. The US is a place I would definitely like to visit one day. As for Mexican food, like most places we have our share of Mexican style restaurants, of which I’ve been to a couple of. The food was quite enjoyable.

  8. The best Mexican food I’ve ever eaten wasn’t in Mexico, it was in Southern California.

    Come out to Oklahoma and I’ll take you out for some lamb fries.

    bible_girl: I know from personal experience that you can kill off your conscience long enough to achieve your goal. Not a good thing, but very possible, especially if you’re raised that way from infancy.

  9. Morris have you noticed that Islam has targeted any place where perceived regional weakness is? Hindus, Christians, Jews and even Muslim who they feel are heretics- it certainly makes no difference as long as they achieve their islam-fasist agenda. Such is the case for Bali where they continue to hammer away at the intrastructure. World dominence is their goal and all the hot spots through the world is Islamic in nature.

  10. C’mon up to NH dude. Some Maine lobster, a couple beers. Heck, Jamie R. is making his “Coming to America” tour soon, maybe you can get a group discount on the airfare.

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