Doing a "Cindy Sheehan"

Hurricane Response Prompts Protest in Washington

I guess it’s like a disease – it’s infectious blaming everyone but yourselves, eh?


6 thoughts on “Doing a "Cindy Sheehan"

  1. I would tell these people to go protest their local government, but hey, obviously no one truly cares about the truth, they’re just looking for a convenient scapegoat, and the lefties are egging them on.

  2. I an getting sick or the ranting of the lunatic fringe. What a bunch of whiners and spend more times in the streets instead of getting their hands dirty doing something about it. Could you see old “channeling” Cindy attempting to help the down in out in the “Big Easy?” I do not think it is going to happen. Not John Kerry, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and of the Bushies or any politician. To busy doing “public service” so called to help any of the “citizens/comrades.” Makes me a little nervous….

  3. Seems like every article I read like this has attached to it. Which means George Soros. At some point, these folks will have to be labeled enemies of the state and disbanded, maybe for their own protection.
    This can only go for so long and so deep before people start to pop.

  4. I don’t know Billy, I sure get a chuckle everytime a moonbat tries to tell me about reality. Every word they speak, every action they take, does nothing but hurt their cause.

  5. Joelle, its probably because your English teacher (yours truly) also does a lot of run-on sentences. Oh well…
    It looks like my hubby needs to use his editor, too, to proofread. I can’t get the guy to proofread what he writes and his fingers and brain don’t coordinate too well. He just types and hits publish. Oh well….
    I guess I’m just a failure. 😉 (lolololol!!!!!)


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