EU’s crisis of legitimacy

I’m posting this link to Melanie Phillips recent article because of some interesting and spot-on comments she’s made in it. To quote:

“Herr Verheugen referred to the fact that the EU was born in the aftermath of World War Two. The EU was founded on the premise that the greatest threat to civilisation arose from war between nations. But that is no longer the case. The greatest threat to us today is coming from a war that recognises no national boundaries, a global war of religion being waged through the asymmetric and transnational warfare of terror. And the only way to defend ourselves against this new threat is for nations to have a strong sense of and belief in themselves, a commitment to defend their democracies and if necessary to die for them. Yet it is that sense of national identification that the EU has been busily destroying, thus dangerously weakening the ability of European nations to fight in their own defence.”

I think she’s absolutely right in that the threat of Terrorism driven by Islamic fundamentalism is global and can only be fought by countries which have a strong sense of identity coming from, I believe, Christian roots. Observe our countries which are losing everything to political correctness, ‘diversity’, and ANYTHING that will take away individualism and the rights (God-given) that come from that. The culture war is something we are losing because we Christians who are supposed to be the salt in this world, we have lost our savour. We have many of us lost the will to fight for what is right (I’m as guilty of this as anyone else). We are letting the social engineers tell us what is right and normal instead of going to the one reliable source – the Bible. In a world of countless cults and scriptures-come-lately and countless gurus and false Christs, it is the one book that can give us the gospel, the unvarnished truth which is so offencive to this world and the unredeemed – the truth of Christ the Messiah’s necessary sacrifice on the Cross for us who were lost in our sins.

Wow, that turned into a bit longer post than I intended. But it can stand as is. I obviously needed to get that written.


7 thoughts on “EU’s crisis of legitimacy

  1. You make some good point there, especially about the social engineering part. The minority of folks in this world have completely taken over without firing a shot, and we just let them. Handed away our world to them.
    Now the siren song is over, and as we shake our heads and blink our eyes, we realize what’s happened and wonder if it’s too late to fix it.
    And I think it is.

  2. It may well be too late, Billy. Certainly the western countries branches of the Lord’s church has been asleep at the switch. By now it would like trying to push a fresh laid cow pat uphill with a pointed stick, but we still can’t give – not if we want to keep our self respect intact.

  3. Sheesh. ‘but we still can’t give’ was supposed to read ‘but we still can’t give in’. It’s late in the evening – at least that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.. 🙂

  4. ” By now it would like trying to push a fresh laid cow pat uphill with a pointed stick”
    I love your turn of phrase. 🙂
    Good post.

  5. Aye. That was a ‘beauty.
    Depressing a bit, as I worry for my kids. The world is so wicked now, what’ll it be like in ten years time?

  6. Hi Morris,

    I just wanted to make a point to visit your blog after you left such an encouraging word at my blog recently. Thank you so much. Good blog you have here. I once knew a gentleman from Perth:-)

    G’day, for now, mate:-)

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