Ali G. tackles Pamela…

I heard about this on my way to work this morning (on the radio). Was busting to comment.

Man, do these celebrities live on another planet or what??? – bizzaro planet that is…

Attending a wedding for her dogs??? And then gets tackled by another bizzaro??
The mind boggles at the scene this brings up..

[ Morris walks off muttering to himself and shaking head ]


3 thoughts on “Ali G. tackles Pamela…

  1. “carrying flowers for the dog nuptials”

    Just, wow. I have no words. I am in awe of how insanely void of any redeeming qualities that event could have possibly had.

    Dogs. Married.


  2. And they wonder why people look at them like they’re f-ing crazy. They are f-ing crazy.
    A dog marriage. Well, it probably has at least as good of a shot as her last few right? I suppose niehter of the dogs have hep.

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