Now the Stones Will Speak

This is why the Islamics will at every opportunity destroy any evidence of Hebrew heritage in and around Jerusalem.

To quote:

“For those who hate Israel, one of the most dangerous things a Jew can do in Jerusalem is to start digging. Because the more you dig there, the worse it gets for those who would like to pretend that Israelis are alien colonists imposing their rule on the so-called indigenous people of the region.”

There was originally evidence of the existence of the Jewish Temple around where the Dome of the Rock is now, but the Islamic population has always made a point of destroying any evidence of proof of Israel’s heritage.

Despite their most zealous efforts, however, pesky proofs keep on popping up…


4 thoughts on “Now the Stones Will Speak

  1. And they’ll continue to pop up until the end. That is G-ds land, not the muslims’, and He will lay claim to it. Even the most ignorant muslim has to know that in his heart.

  2. Great article, Morris. Much better than the one I had already read through ICEJ (International Christian Embassy Jerusalem). I’m brain dead today or I’d write more. We were gone all weekend, had not enough sleep and more than enough food and my body is telling it today. Keep up the good work, brother!
    Love and shalom,
    btw, how do you set up the word verification? It looks like a good idea to me.

  3. Thanks, Serena.

    On the setting up of the word verify feature, do this:
    Sign in to Blogger and choose settings for which ever blog you want to set it up for. Choose the comments tab. Sixth item down you’ll see an option “Show word verification for comments?” Choose yes and save your settings and re-publish you blog. Should be set up now.
    Repeat the same procedure for any other blog you want to set it up for.

  4. Morris..great info on David’s Palace and I am looking forward to all that they might discover there. Just proves whose property it rightfully is despite the Palestinian claims. Thanks again for the article.

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