Amanda’s Testimony

Amanda is the wife of Dave, a dear brother in Christ and close friend. Amanda has recently been putting together a written testimony of what our Lord has done for her over the last 9-10 years. There was stiff opposition to this being written from the enemy of our souls, in the form of spiritual oppression and even to the file disappearing on the computer… I know that last bit sounds silly, but Dave rang me and we were trying to recover the Word file which for no apparent reason had hidden itself. After a few suggestions the file was recovered and matters were back on course.

I’ve saved her writings to a separate blog at: Amanda’s Testimony

I highly recommend you read it if you would like to see just what our Lord can do when someone surrenders their own wants and desires to the Lord.


One thought on “Amanda’s Testimony

  1. OK. I’m going to read it. But now isn’t the time. That looks like a lunch-hour read tomorrow at work. But I will. It’s always fascinating to see what the Lord does for His children.

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