On political correctness

I saw this quote today on PC and thought it was pretty accurate.

“Today most of us are starched up stiff in the high, white collar of political correctness. What is deemed politically correct is as likely to enslave us as our prejudices. … We are not all alike, but we are no longer permitted to celebrate our differences.

“Political correctness functions to silence us. It eliminates our right to ponder the issues important to our lives and to think for ourselves. In an allegedly free society it has become society’s censor. …

“Political correctness is the hollow voice of power exhorting the slaves to let the master think for them. It is often no more than the dictates of a group of self-appointed censors foisting their doctrine on us.”

I don’t know who that’s by, as I happened to spot it today in passing.

That’s the thing about PC, isn’t it. It allows no disagreement with it’s edicts, no differing views, no offence, no absolute truths (which are necessary to make a good moral judgement), and ESPECIALLY no thinking for ourselves. I’ve always hated PC, being a stubborn SOB who doesn’t like anyone telling him how to live his life or how to think. It used to be I didn’t think, and only now really am I starting to think properly, haltingly, painfully, for myself.


5 thoughts on “On political correctness

  1. Do you know where that term originated? It came from when the original Communists were experimenting in the first communes, and they coined that term to devalue and remove anything that was said or written that was objectionable to anyone in the particular commune.
    Maybe if more folks knew that we’d use it less. You know me, I’m not politically correct, and I don’t pretend to be. Speak your mind, and if someone gets upset, well, that’s OK too. They can retort.

  2. Really? I can’t say I’m surprised the communists came up with something as stupid as PC…
    But it certainly is one of my pet hates.

  3. I sure agree there too, Morris. I’m pretty stubborn myself and am not politically correct, either in society or in the “church.” From what I can tell from reading the scriptures, Yeshua never was either! Thanks for sharing that brother.
    Love and shalom,

  4. Morris,

    PC is just the invention of a moral standard apart from God.

    Free people are supposed to govern themsleves according to the moral dictates of the Judeo-Christian God. That is the experiment our forefathers (in America) conducted with our constitution and republic.

    But since some people insist that the enlightened society must not be governed by One moral view but by all philosophies of man, they had to then invent one over reaching philosophy to govern men by: PC

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