The Problem Is People

This article by Dorothy Ann Seese is right on the money. We, people, are indeed the problem. This goes wherever we live, be it the USA, Australia, UK, makes no difference. Sin is the problem and we are infected with it. We think we are the centre of the universe – that it’s about us. It’s not, it’s about our Lord the Messiah, and bringing glory to Him. We always want a king or rulers over us of our own choice, rather than relying on our Father.

An excerpt:

In America we were duped into thinking that a free society could long survive in a world of people. We have a Constitution that was supposed to be the basis of the Rule of Law over the populace. But we saw how far it went when the interests of the politicians needed to bend the rules. It happened as far back as our second generation of leadership, it was surely evident during the period 1861-65, and in the disasters that followed. The stronger government became, the less freedom people had and the less relevant the documents upon which this nation was founded. They were there for some but not for all.
Because — the problem is people. They just don’t have a common understanding or common interests for the well being of others and fairness for all. Self is too powerful, and opportunity presenting, self will rule everything but itself.
Finally, the expansion of self-interest spills over into the self-interest realms of others and the war is on!


5 thoughts on “The Problem Is People

  1. Well, I’ll agree that people do stupid things and hurt each other in any number of ways for nothing, but part of that issue is evil too.
    That doesn’t help. Yes, people can resist temptation, but the temptation is there, so it’s part of the formula.
    Thank Jesus Christ for saving me from myself.

  2. Nothing to say to that, Billy, except AMEN.

    Jesus is the ONLY cure for the disease.

  3. It makes me so sad for America. I do not believe we are a nation governed by the people for the people any more and I’m not certain we ever will be again.

    On that gloomy note…

    I like your blog. Keep up the good work.

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