The usual smoke and mirrors trick

It seems that the Muslim leaders in Britain want a judicial inquiry into what motivated the London bombers.
Err, yeah, right…
Blair wants to hold an international conference on how to eliminate Islamic extremism (the usual way of course, by talking them to death). I’ve bad news for him and others who just don’t get the fact that is not because of grievances against mistreatment or some other excuse, but simply because we are the infidel, or ‘not Muslim’. It would be so simple if they would read a Koran (a genuine copy) and get the truth of what’s being said in there.


6 thoughts on “The usual smoke and mirrors trick

  1. Who gives a flying you-know-what why they did it? When a rabid dog attacks you, you don’t say “Hey doggy, you got a bit of drool on your lip, what’s that about?” You put your gun to it’s head and pull the trigger. End of problem until the next rabid dog comes around. Eventually you’ll run out of dogs.

  2. Everyone out there, with the exception of the really daft leftists, know exactly why they do what they do. They TELL you why they do it. To hell with the inquiries and the sub-commitees and all that rubbish, just pull one of these dopes in, set them down in Parliment, and ask them.

    Q – “Why do you want to kill us?”

    A – “You’re an infidel. If you accept Allah as you God, we’ll let you live, otherwise I must kill you. This little book of crazyness says so”.

    End of inquiry.

  3. That’s all too simple, there must be a more complex answer related to poverty, oppression and doing terrible things to small animals as children.

  4. It’s probably my fault. I’m not sure how yet, but Barbara Boxer said something to that affect once, and I didn’t listen.

  5. Judical inquiry and international inquiry? So that the powers that be can feel justified for “doing something” while the lunatics set up the next bombing. Talk about fiddling while Rome burns!

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