On Haloscan and whether it’s worth using it for comments

I was thinking of using Haloscan for the comments on this blog, but after seeing comments around the blogs about losing comments and such I’m wondering whether it’s worth it. Plus I had a look at their site and see that the most recent news update was back in Feb 2004! Doesn’t fill me with confidence that they are keeping up to scratch. Any opinions?


8 thoughts on “On Haloscan and whether it’s worth using it for comments

  1. Well, haloscan will allow your readers to have almost ‘real time’ online conversations. If you don’t have many readers, that might not be such a priority for you. I don’t use it myself, as I don’t get enough comments to worry about it. =)

  2. Haloscan seems to have some faults but it’s pretty reliable. I’ve never had spam problems with Haloscan and it’s pretty easy for everyone to use.

    I would recommend it.

    Arielle, maybe you’d get more comments if you were using haloscan. 😛

  3. Bloody hell, I didn’t know you were an Aussie! And you’re not Victorian either, two things in your favour!

  4. I know more Aussies blogging than Americans!
    Haloscan is pretty good. When it flakes, it flakes good though.
    Saturday it wiped every comment I made, on every site I hit. Never seen that one before.
    All in all not bad though. You definitely get your moneys worth.

  5. Hey billy d, you would have had a lot more comments on your own blog without it. It wouldn’t let me comment on yours Saturday. I can’t have been the only blocked out.

  6. Thanks for your comments, guys. I’ll take my time on deciding. In the end, like Arielle, It might not be worth it because of not having a lot of comments.

  7. Saturday was really weird! It blocked me, and everyone else for a while, then wiped out every comment I made at every site I hit! I had to retrace my steps to re-comment.
    (Voice of Homer Simpson) Stupid Haloscan!

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