This lethal moral madness

Melanie Phillips – one of the diminishing voices of sanity, morality, and fearlessness amongst the British press, has posted an excellent article on the madness evident in the clinging of the authorities to multiculturalism.

Some excerpts:

This moral inversion is the result of the cultural brainwashing that has been going on in Britain for years in the pursuit of the disastrous doctrine of multiculturalism. This has refused to teach Muslims — along with other minorities — the core of British culture and values. Instead, it has promoted a lethally divisive culture of separateness, in which minority cultures are held to be equal if not superior to the values and traditions of the indigenous majority.
Even worse, multiculturalism causes the moral paralysis of ‘victim culture’, whereby to say an ethnic minority is at fault is to invite immediate accusations of racism. When Lord Ouseley reported on the 1999 race riots in Bradford, he concluded that many local people did not dare challenge wrongdoing among young ethnic minority people because they feared being labelled ‘racist’.
When Ray Honeyford, the Bradford headmaster, warned strongly against multiculturalism in the schools in the eighties, he was branded a racist and hounded from his job. Now those Yorkshire chickens have lethally come home to roost.
The moral bankruptcy of this victim culture is all around us. Thus the BBC instructed its journalists not to refer to the London bombings as ‘terrorism’ because this was a subjective value judgement. And yet it allowed John Simpson, its World Affairs editor, to call these terrorists ‘misguided criminals’ an astounding value judgement which diminished the nature of the atrocity.
The problem is that this inversion of morality can be lethal. Such is the ethos of political correctness in our public services that librarians who want to complain about the potential danger of young Muslims logging onto websites instructing them in making bombs or nerve gas are told to say nothing for fear of being accused of prejudice.


4 thoughts on “This lethal moral madness

  1. Racial intimidation is an ugly thing. Covers every walk of life too. But, yeah, it does set us up for a huge disaster. One should never be afraid to tell the truth, or sound an alarm, and yet here we are.

  2. I hate to beat a dead horse, but political correctness is totally out of hand. The whole world seems mad, both angry and insane.

  3. “The whole world seems mad, both angry and insane”
    Perhaps because of fear. I think people instinctively know that there is something more than usually wrong in the world.
    As it says in Luke 21:26: Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.

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